Tea Party Alpena

It's time to stand up and be seen, heard and understood. We have seen the enemy, and in essence, it is us. If we do not object to the dramatic changes our beloved country has been undergoing, in recent years especially, then we are most certainly to blame. We should speak out, loudly, boldly, and without fear or hesitation while we still have that right. We cannot allow this slide into socialism that our politicians have been forcing our country into. We seek united minds, united communities and united effort to save these United States. Let us be another great generation...for our children and grandchildren. -



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About Tea Party Alpena

Shortly after the February 2009 launch of the Tea Party in Chicago a group of concerned Alpena citizens organized in response to Washington’s overreaching policies. Following a series of meetings founders chose the name Tea Party Alpena, agreed upon an organization structure, and officers were elected.

 Listening to the will of the group it was decided that TPA goals would be to find methods of promoting individual liberty, limited government and economic freedom. Since mid-term elections were close at hand a plan was made for supporting candidates who could be counted on to support TPA goals. In the 2010 mid-term election TPA was instrumental in creating a local sweep by candidates they supported.

Using the 10 Commitments of the Contract from America as a guide TPA continues to search for causes and candidates worthy of support. Through meetings, participation in parades and creation of special events the group is focusing on educating and attracting new members.